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My coach supported me through a challenging work situation that had been causing me anxiety, using visualisation and role play techniques

My coach helped me to work through a situation and come to a starting point from which to take positive action. I was surprised about how much my mind and thoughts opened up, and by the end of the session tied up into a plan of action! I’d highly recommend – my coach was calm, very good at summarising and picking out points from my ramblings and putting order to them. Thank you!

Today Liz and I

Today Liz and I discussed feeling anxious around social media use and how to take control of that, we set some intentions and made a to do list which I will follow through with. We got to the root of the matter, along with how the anxiety shows up in my body. Liz was very kind and a good person to bounce ideas off, she always nudges me to be a bit braver than I otherwise would be.

My coach helped me

My coach helped me to process the anxiety I often face and become more mindful of the underlying causes. They made me feel comfortable to have a ramble and prompted me to go off on tangents that I might not have explored on my own.

My coach listened to me

My coach listened to me and helped me externally process what I was feeling about work based anxiety. I felt I could use the session in the way that was most helpful for me. They asked great questions and helped me come up with some concrete actions at the end

Rebecca was able to quickly

Rebecca was able to quickly identify where my work-related anxiety stemmed from and give me techniques to help overcome them.

My coach helped me understand

My coach helped me understand and start moving away from a tiring situation I had long been and couldn’t find a way out. I now know a way out and already feel less anxiety! Thank you!

My coach helped me to

My coach helped me to understand my anxiety regarding speaking up and being confident with my superiors. She was kind as always 🙂

Tim was able to gently

Tim was able to gently challenge and open discussion on the things I have been struggling with recently and the state of overwhelm I’ve found myself in, and helped me figure out an action plan for myself to move forward. Couldn’t recommend Tim as a coach for anyone suffering with anxiety more.

I got a surprising

I got a surprising amount of clarity from my call with Claire. I feel like I can start making the journey to changing how I deal with anxiety.

Another great session, thank

Another great session, thank you Claire. Some really insightful tips on self-limiting beliefs and how this could help me overcome my anxiety in the long-term.