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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Monica, she has helped me build up my confidence to grow and make progress in my career by helping me understand what I want and giving actionable advice.

Jacqui was great! Asked

Jacqui was great! Asked relevant and pertinent questions. I felt comfortable verbalising thoughts I had never shared with anyone before. Jacqi asked the right questions which enabled me to come away feeling positive and thinking about my career from a different angle. Thanks very much.

Nicola was extremely easy

Nicola was extremely easy to talk to and pleasant. She had numerous tools and thinking strategies at her disposal to provide for any situation if required. Her advice was well thought-out and personalized. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for future or current career advice.

I’ve never had coaching

I’ve never had coaching before More Happi, and my first session with Sarah was a great experience which helped me to identify my current challenges and create a clear action plan to get where I want to be in my career! I’ll definitely be booking in a follow-up session

I have come away

I have come away from my session with Jacqui with so much more clarity about my career path. Jacqui worked with me to help me uncover my limitations and gave me confidence to take action. Thank you so much!

She is really good

She is really good and i felt like I have clear path on my personal and professional development career

Having never received coaching

Having never received coaching before I went into the sessions not knowing what to expect. Lauren expertly showed me how to unlock and articulate the various career concerns fizzing around my head. She then helped me make sense of these thoughts and build an action plan around them. The result is that I now have a clear understanding of the direction to take my career and a renewed confidence to make it happen. Would definitely recommend working with Lauren!

Ian was brilliant at

Ian was brilliant at digging in to the career-related issue which has been causing me angst. In 45 minutes we got to a place where I had clear actions and techniques to combat my issue and had also framed it more positively in my mind.

I see massive progress

I see massive progress in my career and relationship with myself and others. Coaching with my coach had very much helped to work out the need for these areas.