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My coach challenged me

My coach challenged me to question the why behind my goals and objectives. They encouraged me to not rush the process and opened my eyes to how beneficial coaching can be.

Lorenza helps me challenge my

Lorenza helps me challenge my normal way of thinking and break down things that seem big and too hard to overcome into smaller manageable problems. She is really helping me untangle things

My coach challenged me with

My coach challenged me with questions that helped me better understand and simplify the challenges I felt I was facing and how to overcome them on my own. Feel empowered. Thank you!

Tim really challenged me,

Tim really challenged me, more so than I’ve had from coaches in the past. I really appreciated it and will be seeking him out in the future.

I was facing significant challenges…

I was facing significant challenges with time management and prioritisation at work. However, my coach truly understood my struggles, and their expertise helped me delve into self-reflection. Thanks to their guidance, I arrived at an intriguing solution that has greatly improved my productivity and focus.

Tim listened well, challenged my…

Tim listened well, challenged my thinking and made me think of the issue from a different perspective. He had great energy and enthusiasm and I look forward to future sessions

My coach challenged me often…

My coach challenged me often about how I felt about my procrastination and why I might put off tasks. We then worked together to explore and push me to think of some ways I could get tasks done (Giving myself time-slots to chip away at a task). Really felt like the meeting had a lot of structure and allowed us to review our discussion at the end.