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Good to speak to

Good to speak to someone external and get a different perspective and advice

Jacqui helped me reflect

Jacqui helped me reflect on my strengths and visualise my goals/vision and the steps towards them. She was a great sounding board. The session helped me see and hear myself from a third person perspective which is really valuable.

Monica brings into her

Monica brings into her session a vast array of coaching tools – whether books, frameworks etc – and always checks in to see what’s working most effectively for the person she’s coaching. It really enhances the “exploration” from my perspective, and therefore the changes that come out of it.

I approached Tim with

I approached Tim with a challenging situation I was facing. Initially, I was uncertain whether it could be approached using coaching methodologies. After a quick overview, Tim assured me otherwise. Together we deconstructed the issue and the themes surrounding it, leading me to realise flaws in my approach to difficult workplace situations. With this new perspective, I have swiftly resolved my issues. What was most impressive to me was how effective Tim’s coaching was at unravelling the situation, clearing the mind to see the best steps forward.

As well as being

As well as being very insightful, Nishe was careful to listen to what I was trying to say while helpfully organising my thoughts. I came away feeling much more lighter and with a better perspective of my own situtation.

Ian was very easy

Ian was very easy to talk to, a great listener and helped me see my situation from a new perspective. I left the session with a greater sense of peace.

I really liked Dom’s

I really liked Dom’s positivity. He was a good listener and I liked how he fed back what he heard/understood and encouraged me to take a step back and take myself out of a situation to look at it from a different perspective. I would definitely explore other areas with this coach.