Fancy being a More Happi volunteer coach? Let’s talk about you for a change.

You truly believe in our mission to give everyone access to the superpowers that coaching brings. You want to work with other humans and progressive organisations that want to have more humanity in the world.

You’re either already an accredited or qualified coach, with a minimum of 50 paid hours under your belt. You feel that coaching is a lifelong journey and are constantly looking for ways to hone and refine your craft. You love hearing how you’ve helped people and getting glowing reviews (we get it, we’re coaches too).

If this is you, consider becoming a More Happi volunteer coach.

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Here’s what our volunteer coaches say

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How More Happi supports volunteer coaches:

  • More Happi coaching hours are considered ‘paid’ by ICF – so you get towards your accreditation goals faster.
  • From early days to master coach, you’ll build your skills, get a huge range and diversity of experience, and expose yourself to more challenges far faster than is possible going it alone.  
  • You just coach – no admin, no marketing, no cautiously knocking on doors asking for volunteers. Bookings just land right in your calendar. 
  • Real coaching with humans who really need it, working with employees at all career stages in some of the world’s most purpose-driven and innovative organisations. 
  • Monthly training to develop your skills.
  • Group supervision sessions to fine tune your practice
  • Testimonials and feedback to supercharge your own business.
  • Detailed stats and analysis from your sessions.
  • Ongoing support from our lovely, non-judgemental community.

Some of the organisations you’ll volunteer with

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Excited? Good, we can’t wait to welcome you inside.

Get in touch today and open the door to more.