How to build a habit chain that’s difficult to break.

How to build a habit chain that’s difficult to break.

In his book The Principles of Psychology, pioneering philosopher and psychologist William James portrayed living creatures as “bundles of habits”, explaining that developing habits “simplifies the movements required to achieve a given result.” 

He found that habits make our actions more precise and less tiring to achieve. But habits are not always good… 

Isn’t it interesting how bad habits are easy to repeat, but healthy habits? Not so easy.

One of the most effective ways to achieve our goals is called “Don’t Break The Chain.” This tactic was popularised by comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who used it to stay consistent in writing jokes every day.

Having the goal: “be funnier” is pretty demotivating.

“Write comedy every day” (good or bad) is more tangible and possible.

Inevitably, funny follows.

It’s a pretty simple concept – commit to doing something small that’s related to your bigger goal every day. By stringing these habits together and tracking them as a visual chain, we feel a sense of accomplishment.

Once that chain builds, it is very difficult to break. 

That’s where habit tracking comes in.

Habit tracking is a way to record all of the times when you behave in a desired way –  when you make the right choice such as eating healthily, writing in your journal, or reading a book. 

Evidence shows that tracking behaviour can increase the likelihood that habits will become established, as establishing healthy habits makes it easier for us to consistently make the right choices.

Plus, it doesn’t have to be tedious. The simpler and more goal-oriented the system is, the more successful it seems to be.

If you’d like a copy of the More Happi Habit Tracker to print out, simply click on the link below.

Download the MoreHappi Habit Tracker

Stick it to your desk, your fridge, your front door, or your gym kit. Wherever you need a little motivation. 

Good luck! 

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