Support first-time managers with confidence, conflict and leadership.

Offer our first time management training package so that they can thrive in their new position and deliver results

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4.7/5 average score based on 2,497 reviews

60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months

When a transitioning leader is struggling, their direct reports perform 15% worse on average than those who report to a high-performing manager. They’re also 20% likelier to leave the organisation or be disengaged.

Coaching is proven to increase happiness, retention and productivity by spotting problems early and solving them quickly.

Sources: Institute of coaching, ICF Global Coaching study 2009


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All the features you need to help your employees solve challenges, avoid burnout and achieve goals.

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How are our expert coaches so affordable?

Good question. To become a Master Coach, qualified coaches need to attain 2500+ International Coaching Federation accredited hours of coaching, and there’s a number of other accreditation goals to reach before they get there. This is a big problem for all coaches. More Happi helps already expert coachesdonate hours to accrue further levels of professional development quicker. They do this alongside paid work to greatly accelerate their career progression.

With over one hundred available coaches it allows you to explore personality types and areas of expertise to find the perfect match for every challenge.

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More Happi is a coaching platform designed for scaling, medium-size (even tiny) organisations. We focus on problem solving for your employees – in all areas of life and work. We can support them with burnout, overwhelm, time management, confidence, imposter syndrome and more.

You can make a free account online in seconds and invite members of your team to book unlimited coaching sessions — you can invite individuals, teams, managers or everyone!

Next day sessions are available, including during the day, evening and weekends. Our qualified (ICF, EMCC, AC) coaches offer 15+ specialisms between them. Your team can repeat sessions with a coach, or try different styles and move around.

It’s becoming the norm for progressive organisations to offer coaching support for all levels of employees. But of course, not everyone wants to invest in their own personal development. You are in control of who has access to it, you can sign up individuals on your team, specific teams or cohorts, or everyone. Subscriptions are monthly so these can be adjusted on an ongoing basis.

No integration is required. More Happi is a stand-alone web app.

No, we sell to organisations only. If you work for an organisation or own your own business your company can sign up for a free account and then add you for instant booking.

Absolutely! More Happi is fully secure and all coaching sessions are strictly confidential. Video coaching sessions are held via Google Meet and no data is recorded from the session.

Neither More Happi nor the company paying for More Happi will be able to access
the content of the coaching sessions. Data shared with your company via a report
which includes: usage, feedback and coach session ratings.

No problem! If you are looking to sign up your team, you can book a demo here or contact to ask more questions.


Did you know that 95% of coaches fail after they’ve completed their training? Trained coaches need to accrue accredited practice hours in order to achieve new credentials all the way up to Master Coach (2500 hours). Our coaches are fully trained at the top training schools and are taking part in a career accelerator in order to scale these credential levels. Our coaches volunteer their time and receive free training, supervision and feedback after sessions. The coaching quality is outstanding, with an average rating of 4.7/5.

Coaches are based in the UK with coaches typically available between 8am – 8pm (GMT). We coach in 42 countries. Timezones can be adjusted in-app to match your location.

We have coaches that cover 15+ specialisms including Executive Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Start-up Coaching, Career Coaching, Wellbeing and Mindfulness, Executive Coaching, Trauma- Informed or similar, Parenting Coaching, Cross-Cultural Coaching, Transformative Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Grief Support, Neurodiversity and LGBTQIA+.

More Happi coaches can support individuals and teams with major transitions career planning, vision setting, leadership, work-life balance, confidence, goal setting and accountability, prioritisation and strategy, stress and anxiety, communication, improving relationships, family dynamics, team dynamics, setting boundaries and creating good habits.

Yes employees can rebook with a coach, or move around and try different styles of coaches. They can book unlimited sessions, during the day, evenings and weekends.

Coaching sessions can be used for either problem solving (such as burnout, overwhelm, conflict, challenges, decision-making and more), pro-active personal development, goal setting, work life discussions and personal life discussions.


£39.99 (+ VAT) per person, per month. The account size and number of seats can be adjusted at any time.

If you have an organisation greater than 300, please book a call here to discuss your account.

You can adjust your contract monthly and cancel at any time.

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