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Create resilient, adaptable teams and claim your time back

Find what’s holding you and your team back, and fix it.

Unlimited 1:1 online coaching designed for founders and their growing teams.

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4.7/5 based on 4,329 reviews

Create resilient, adaptable teams and claim your time back

Find what’s holding you and your team back, and fix it.

Unlimited 1:1 online coaching designed for founders and their growing teams.

Frame 456

4.7/5 based on 4,329 reviews

/person per month

Our qualified coaches help individuals on your team:

Solve overwhelm and burnout


Resolve conflicts and communicate better


Cope with anxiety and self doubt


Use their time more effectively


Look after their wellbeing (and their team’s)


Build resilience


Find more confidence in new situations


Reach career goals


Solve problems and make clear decisions


Why Coaching vs Mentoring or Therapy?

They are ALL incredibly powerful, but they’ll give you very different results.We define the difference in this way.


Learning from the experience of others. They’ll guide based on what worked (and didn’t work) for them. Great for technical know-how.


Addresses mental health challenges and past traumas that are stopping someone from leading the life they want. Often described as a journey of the past. Not everyone needs this.


A conversation, or series of conversations, that enables your team to move forward with clarity and direction. It can be used for almost anything, but often for problem solving, career progression and achieving work and life goals.

They’ll leave feeling energised, motivated and ready to tackle their next steps.

Everyone needs this.

Coaching is twice as effective as traditional training

With More Happi, you can confidently solve you and your team’s challenges and provide a safe space to learn and grow. Your team will be more motivated, more able to deliver and happi-er.

Better at retaining talent by providing coaching*
Of our customers rate their coach 4 or 5 out of 5
That's how much happier customers are after 1 session
Increase in self confidence**
Better communication skills**
Increased work performance**

Sources: *McKinsey, **Institute of Coaching, ICF Global Coaching Study 2009

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Yes, the benefit of More Happi is that initially your team can try different Coaches to find what style works best for them. Everyone is different! When they find their perfect Coach they can book with them on an ongoing basis. To develop ongoing accountability with a Coach, we recommend bi-weekly sessions, and a minimum of six sessions for any given topic.

Our monthly membership works a bit like a gym membership. Each individual on your team can access unlimited 45-min sessions per month, with the same or different Coaches. They can choose a time and Coach that fits with their schedule.

We provide you with content, that makes it super-easy to launch More Happi internally. There are also Onboarding videos so that your team can learn how Coaching works, and prompts to give them the confidence to book their first session.

A data report is available so that you can see how often your team uses Coaching, the categories booked, and their feedback on their experience.The sessions are confidential. The Google Meet invite is encrypted between individuals and their Coach, and what is discussed in each session will not be shared.



We've delivered results to over 300 teams and 5000 employees

“My coach helped me work through and understand my mindset towards my issue. It was great to have the time to talk this through and put together practical tools to use going forward.”

Project manager, Ocean Bottle

“My coach helped me connect the dots of some gaps in my life that I was struggling to grapple with and this was a profound revelation for me. They were warm and reassuring and you could tell that they really listened. They were also able to create a safe space for me to share my deepest concerns and that’s absolutely a plus! Definitely recommend!”

Senior manager, Beam

“My coach supported me to tackle a career review for my job which seemed overwhelming. She helped me to break it into manageable steps, and I feel more optimistic now. Thanks!”

Team lead, Perlego

Coaching to solve any team challenge

Our coaching sessions are designed to transform the ways you and your team work together. We provide neutral spaces for each individual to explore their own challenges, bring out their strengths and find ways to handle conflict. With our coaches, you’ll zoom out and gain perspective on how to bring the best out of each other.

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"Everyone has a choice, they can pick their own coach, they can go on their own journey, and they can put Jet fuel, on their personal development."
Dan Murray-Serter | Co-Founder Heights
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Who are the coaches?


With over 100 available coaches, covering 15+ specialist skill sets, you can work with the same coach continuously or move around and try different styles to see what works for you. You’re in control.

Our qualified coaches have trained with the top ICF, EMCC and Association for Coaching accredited schools, and are continuously verified by More Happi to ensure high quality. More Happi enables qualified, professional volunteer coaches to rapidly achieve further ICF credentials, enabling them to achieve their own career goals in half the time.


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