Why should only those at the top benefit from professional coaching? More Happi is the most accessible coaching service ever created.
So now everyone can find their purpose and grow.

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A 1-2-1 online workplace coaching subscription service where everyone wins. You grow, they grow, we all grow.

Personal progress for employees, fast-tracked careers for coaches and thriving cultures for organisations.
A people-powered virtuous circle where everyone helps each other.

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Create a fair and empowering culture from just £11 per human per month.
Be the leader you want to be.

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Book unlimited 45-minute, game-changing chats about any area of life. 100% free, completely confidential and totally ‘oh wow’.

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Quickly build phenomenal feedback, skills and confidence. Reach your goals while helping others reach theirs.

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Now everyone from the intern to the CEO can benefit from the superpowers that coaching brings.

Your organisation can provide unlimited 1-2-1 online sessions from just £11 per month per human. That’s less than a pat-on-the-back pizza and a whole lot more filling.
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Everyone deserves the opportunity to be more.

There’s a wonderfully diverse range of organisations already benefiting from having positive and motivated people at every level of their business. Join them to give everyone the opportunity to be more whole and More Happi.

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