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Loved by employees, loved by managers.

Our affordable 1:1 coaching model means you can now offer every one of your team unlimited access to personal and professional coaches so they can grow and develop. And you can all get where you want to go, faster. Happi-er.

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Pay as little as £13 a month per employee for unlimited 1-2-1 coaching

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Delivers personalised support for each team member, despite tight budgets

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Upskill quickly

Help inexperienced managers thrive faster. Coaching gives them confidence and the strategies to navigate the unfamiliar.

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Join progressive organisations that use More Happi to invest in their workplace culture.

Your coaching partner for building exceptional, happier teams.

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Our coaches are amazing. Voted 4.6/5 by world-leading organisations

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Data shows that employees are 60% happier after More Happi coaching.

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The take-up is incredible. Our organisations see over 82% take-up of coaching in the first 6 mths (average).

Everyone deserves the opportunity to be more.

There’s a wonderfully diverse range of organisations already benefiting from having positive and motivated people at every level of their business. Join them to give everyone the opportunity to be more whole and More Happi.

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