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My coach was amazing.

My coach was amazing. Whereas in my last session In had a clear challenge, this time around I wasn’t so clear. Yet she helped me clarify my confused mind, pinpoint what is keeping me awake and help me create a path towards reaching this goal. All of this through listening to me and drawing on the key themes I hadn’t even realised I had talked about. I felt energised, inspired and empowered with clear actions at the end of the session

Dominic helped me look

Dominic helped me look at my situation differently, when previously I could only see it in a very binary way. I came away feeling really positive and empowered, with ideas and tools to tackle things.

Great session with my

Great session with my coach, I felt like she really listened, and I left feeling more empowered and with goals to move forward

Vanessa was patient, compassionate

Vanessa was patient, compassionate and methodical in her approach to coaching me on the issues discussed and I came away from the session feeling empowered, informed and well-equipped with specific techniques that I will definitely be using going forward and that I’m sure will have a positive impact on both my professional and personal life.

Jacqui is brilliant at

Jacqui is brilliant at packing loads of insight and value into a short space of time. She leaves me feeling inspired and empowered.

The coach was great

The coach was great at guiding me through the discussion, using searching and challenging questions which helped me to explore my situation. I came away feeling empowered!

Really enjoyed my session.

Really enjoyed my session. Heather helped me get to the root of the problem quickly and more importantly, find a practical solution to empower me going forwards.

There is no growth

There is no growth without feedback. But delivering feedback in a way which is helpful and digestible is a real skill. Jacqui Snydercombe is able to unpick the central issue, and in a Socratic method reveal the answer in a way which you leaves you feeling empowered and ready to take action.

My sessions are so

My sessions are so helpful. Every time I have a session, something new comes unstuck, and all slowly converging in a clearer direction. I come out of my sessions feeling energised, empowered and inspired.