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I started my session

I started my session feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of my task and left feeling really clear about the next immediate step to do, which removed the sense of opacity ahead of me. I’m so grateful to my coach for leaving me inspired and empowered to move forward.

Emma was thoughtful and

Emma was thoughtful and kind which made it easy to relate to her. And had such a depth of knowledge and ideas and approaches, time just flew by. She moved me from a negative to a positive empowered space which was very welcome.

I had an open

I had an open and non-judgemental conversation with my coach that left me feeling empowered to take action – thank you 🙂

Pia was fantastic. She

Pia was fantastic. She was empowering and really made me feel safe to talk about things. Pia also gave me some really practical takeaways that I look forward to implementing. Would definitely seek to book her again!

My coach helped me

My coach helped me to critically think through various options for the situation I was in. She was encouraging about the situation and made me feel empowered.

My coach helped me

My coach helped me to understand why I feel a certain way going into uncertain situations, and empowered me with new skills to take forward when approaching these situations in the future.

My coach helped me

My coach helped me to come up with what feels like manageable initial steps to deal with my situation that resonated with me very well. I came out of the session feeling more empowered to give getting on top of it a real go. Look forward to my follow up session to discuss the outcome of the initial plan!

My coach was exceptional

My coach was exceptional in listening to my problems and being able to identify the key issues in a concise way. Guided the session intelligently to ensure these issues were resolved and I had practical steps forward. I now feel empowered and clear and would highly recommend.

I have now completed

I have now completed 3 sessions with my coach. I am being given extremely helpful techniques to support and empower myself to take control of situations I am normally uncomfortable with and am already seeing positive results.