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My coach was very

My coach was very quick to understand my experience and why I had wanted the session. Their inputs were extremely valuable and there were notable pauses to allow me to reflect and explore. I came away feeling empowered and freed from previous negative experience.

Saima has been incredibly

Saima has been incredibly supportive and helpful during all my sessions with her. She has empowered and gave me tools to handle the situations l presented to her. I totally recommend her services!

My coach was very

My coach was very empowering and helped me think through logical strategies for a problem that were also emotionally resonant.

My coach is incredible

My coach is incredible at helping me problem solve in a constructive, strategic, specific way. She both empowers me to think of my own solutions while also challenging me and bringing in new angles to widen my perspective. I always feel so much calmer and more confident and focused after my sessions with her.

I find Vanessa to

I find Vanessa to be a great match for me. When working with her, I feel understood and she also helps me stay forward-focused. During my session, Vanessa asked me insightful questions and gave me feedback which guided me to a deeper understanding of what I was exploring. Vanessa has helped me to determine my core and aspirational values, which feels immediately
empowering. I am more hopeful about my own abilities off the back of this work than I have been in a long time.

My coach was particularly

My coach was particularly good at active listening. They picked up on my use of language when describing certain situations which provided real clarity on the origins of some of the negative feelings I had been experiencing. I left the session feeling empowered by this knowledge and started to feel a sense of how I could overcome the challenges I have been facing.

My coach listened and

My coach listened and helped me approach an upcoming review confidently. Encouraging me to be active in my progression and empowering me to feel I can do so

Charlotte helped me to scope

Charlotte helped me to scope my problem. Whilst I wanted to discuss one angle, she was able to shine a light on other angles to give a more representative view of my current situation. She reminded me that life is challenging but also made clear that it is okay to feel overwhelmed right now as I am facing so much. I felt really boosted after the session – really empowered to be in my own skin and have my own boundaries. I came away with 3 actions/behaviours that I want to stick to. I can get through this and I will get the help I need (from myself and others). I am booking another session straight away.

Tara helped me structure my

Tara helped me structure my thoughts around my current situation really clearly in a way I wouldn’t have been able to myself (or certainly not as quickly & clearly). She really understood where I was at and I felt completely heard. I left the session feeling empowered and invigorated.