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MoreHappi Opportunity

For Individuals

Gain more confidence in yourself Coaching is a way to untangle thoughts and ideas into actionable steps. This helps you achieve more with less time

Why coaching?

The benefits of offering coaching to everyone in your organisation Find out all benefits Coaching works More Happi makes having a personal coach unbelievably affordable.

How much is More Happi coaching?

Summer introductory offer* This summer, gift your team unlimited coaching, and bask in the glory of happy and self-assured team members. *offer ends the 30th

My coach helped me to…

My coach helped me to understand what I was feeling and gave me tools and knowledge to convert these feelings into a positive framework for growth. After the session I felt empowered and driven to achieve my goals and grow in my professional career.

How much is More Happi coaching?

High-quality life and career coaching that every small business can afford. from £10.99 per person/month Now you can provide a coach for everyone in your

This was my second time

This was my second time with this coach – I booked her because I loved her the first time round. Once again, she asked wonderfully thought-out questions that really helped to get to the heart of the problem. She helped me recontextualise the situation to make me feel better about it while still providing the tools to help prevent any risk of it happening again. It was incredibly useful and empowering.

Tara helped me structure my

Tara helped me structure my thoughts around my current situation really clearly in a way I wouldn’t have been able to myself (or certainly not as quickly & clearly). She really understood where I was at and I felt completely heard. I left the session feeling empowered and invigorated.

Charlotte helped me to scope

Charlotte helped me to scope my problem. Whilst I wanted to discuss one angle, she was able to shine a light on other angles to give a more representative view of my current situation. She reminded me that life is challenging but also made clear that it is okay to feel overwhelmed right now as I am facing so much. I felt really boosted after the session – really empowered to be in my own skin and have my own boundaries. I came away with 3 actions/behaviours that I want to stick to. I can get through this and I will get the help I need (from myself and others). I am booking another session straight away.

What’s that smell?

We haven’t met an organisation yet that doesn’t have an elephant in the room just desperate for attention.  And we’re no different.  Last week we

My coach entirely shifted

My coach entirely shifted my perspective on the pain point within minutes, they provided me with space, asked powerful questions, and guided me to a place where I feel empowered and in control. 10/10.