High-quality life and career coaching that every small business can afford.

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Now you can provide a coach for everyone in your organisation, not just the ‘rising stars’

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"Everyone has a choice, they can pick their own coach, they can go on their own journey, and they can put Jet fuel, on their personal development."
Dan Murray-Serter | Co-Founder Heights

How it works

We’ve created a new model for coaching.
One that’s a win-win for everyone.

Fully trained coaches volunteer their time in order to fast-track their experience, gain accreditation hours, take part in training to improve their skills and achieve more advanced qualifications.

Organisations benefit from having an empowered, motivated team while employees enjoy bespoke career and life development in the areas that matter to them.

Help everyone in your team flourish

Micro business

Reduce the time drain from early-stage teams and protect your own mental health

We do this by:

  1. Helping individuals to feel equipped to solve their own challenges, seek different perspectives and move forward with clarity.
  2. Reducing each individual’s dependency, taking the pressure off the founder.
  3. Increasing self motivation, which increases retention and helps to attract talent as you grow.

Growing pains

Remove team problems before they grow

We do this by:

  1. Reducing time spent by managers resolving challenges on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Providing relief from stress by increasing your team’s feeling of control in times of change and fast growth.
  3. Upskilling and helping to retain those that are progressing through the organisation.

Scaling fast

Reduce churn and establish personal growth support to help your growing team to be successful

We do this by:

  1. Personalising employee support so that everyone can flourish without management involvement.
  2. Removing the risk that new hires won’t settle or be able to thrive.
  3. Ensuring problems and challenges are resolved when they first appear.
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The Google Meet between you and your coach is not accessible by anyone else without your or your coach granting access. The meeting links are encrypted and what is discussed with your coach will not be shared.

Absolutely nothing. All you need is a starting point or an area that you want to discuss, and a strong internet connection to ensure you can use video to engage with your coach. Your coach will do the rest. Oh, and an open mind. That’s always good

Yes, if you have a good connection with a coach then by all means book them again (subject to their availability). We believe that it’s good to have different coaches as they help you to see the world (and where you’re at) in very different ways. If your coach isn’t available, don’t be scared to try another.

Micro business

Team size: up to 10 people

  • Unlimited personal & career coaching
  • 45 mins sessions by qualified coaches
  • Quick set up: start within a week

Price per person: from £24.50

Growing pains

Team size: up to 100 people

  • Unlimited personal & career coaching
  • 45 mins sessions by qualified coaches
  • Live onboarding for your team
  • Customer happiness support
  • Data and feedback reports

Price per person: from £13.50

Scaling fast

Team size: from 100-1000 people

  • Unlimited personal & career coaching
  • 45 mins sessions by qualified coaches
  • Strategy advisory
  • Live onboarding for your team
  • Customer happiness support
  • Team usage support

Price per person: from £13.50

Trusted by hundreds of progressive organisations, including

The impact one-to-one coaching
has on your team

Increase in Self Confidence
Better communication skills
Increased work performance