Discover how coaching is transforming the lives of individuals and businesses.

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“Everyone has a choice, they can pick their own coach, they can go on their own journey, and they can put Jet fuel on their personal development.”

Dan Murray Serter | Founder, Heights

Trusted by hundreds of progressive organisations, including

Trusted by hundreds of progressive organisations, including

Building confidence
“It’s allowed our employees to have really safe, confidential discussions about things they don’t know how to do… they come away feeling a lot more confident”
Elise, Senior People Manager
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Discover how coaching can support your business and people goals.

Did you know that 40% of employees are thinking about leaving to go elsewhere?*

Offering personalised coaching support to improve your team’s skills and career progression sends a strong signal to your team and the talent you’re hoping to attract.

Developing teams
“A shout out to the brilliant team behind More Happi, who have helped our colleagues at Blue Ventures enormously through professional coaching since 2021. It’s an inspired model – bespoke, virtual, affordable one-to-one coaching available to all – not just senior staff. We’ve seen great uptake and some inspiring feedback from more than 100 colleagues globally. Highly recommend for managers looking for more inclusive approaches to developing teams through coaching.”
Alasdair Harris, Executive Director
Enhancing self-awareness + performance

“By offering More Happi to our team, we’re offering them additional support and expertise to help them navigate their lives inside and outside of work. It’s a really brilliant tool to help them with their personal development.”

Harry Jones, Operations Director at Times Based Arts
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The impact one-to-one coaching has on your team

average coach rating, from 3.5k+ reviews
happiness increase after sessions
average NPS, from 3.5k+ reviews
Flexible coaching solutions

Before More Happi, our team didn’t have access to any formal coaching. It was something we looked into but it wasn’t affordable – More Happi changed that and it was a no-brainer for us to be honest! We’ve got a huge amount of value from it already and we’ve only had positive feedback from colleagues about their sessions.

What I love about More Happi is the flexibility and choice of the coaches. There’s something for everyone – whether that be a relationship issue, a work situation, or a deeper self area to explore. We wanted the team to have a sounding board to t…

Charlotte Hall, Co-founder