How clear are your boundaries?

How clear are your boundaries?

Having clear boundaries doesn’t mean having to say “No” to work or relationships and feeling guilty or counterproductive.

Boundaries help us have meaningful work time and rewarding down time to recharge.

Some work boundaries are clear and tangible, while others are more abstract and flexible.
Here’s how we can identify our work boundaries and stick to them:

1. Understand your worth
Understanding our worth means having an awareness and appreciation of what we can offer. It also underlines how and when we communicate, what we’re motivated by, and how likely we are to speak up when our boundaries have been challenged.

2. Be clear and concise
We can sometimes let apologies creep in when asking for boundaries. We’ll say things like “I hate to be a pain, but could I please chat with you about XXX?”
When we communicate honestly and clearly, we’re leaving no uncertainty behind our intention and our meaning.

3. Manage and negotiate expectations
It’s important to identify expectations because when they aren’t clearly agreed upon, they cause stress and misunderstandings. We are more likely to cross our own boundaries when we perceive the threat of those outcomes.

4. Identify your non-negotiables
It’s helpful to have a non-negotiables list to weigh up the implications of our choices at work.
It can help uncover what’s important to us, and communicate and negotiate boundaries to support our priorities.

5. Remote work needs boundaries too
Working remotely requires heightened self-discipline to make space for ourselves in and around work. We need to have careful conversations with our coworkers to ensure that everyone’s aligned on expectations and boundaries.

6. Beware of burnout
Even though switching off can feel counterproductive, it’s playing the long game. Creating space by taking breaks doesn’t mean that we’re no longer passionate, dedicated or motivated – it simply increases our capacity to keep harnessing our passion, dedication and motivation.

Learn more about boundaries in the full article by author Jayne Hardy at the link below.

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