How do I use More Happi coaching_

How do I use More Happi coaching?

How do I use More Happi coaching?

Having access to your own personal coach is like investing in a gigantic toolbox and how you use it is entirely up to you. Whether you’re using coaching to tackle one-off challenges like:

  • Making big decisions (the ones you’ve been putting off for what feels like forever)
  • Nipping conflict in the bud
  • Preparing to deliver difficult feedback


Addressing bigger topics like:

  • Limiting beliefs (what’s holding you back?)
  • Career progression (what’s next in your career?)
  • Leadership (what does it mean to you and what kind of leader do you want to be?)

Coaching can help you get clarity on where growth is important to you in your role, and what you’d like it to look like. 

Coming face-to-face with the valuable insights gained through coaching, means you can finally push past obstacles and do the work to identify the opportunities open to you. From here, anything is possible.

How do I choose my coach?

With over one hundred available coaches, More Happi allows you to explore personality types and areas of expertise to find the perfect match for every challenge.

From newly-accredited to master, being a coach is a lifelong journey of learning and growth. More Happi allows fully qualified volunteer coaches to rapidly accrue the ICF-approved hours they need, enabling them to achieve their accreditation goals in half the time.

So how do you choose which coach to have a session with? Let’s dive in with our top tips.

Assess your needs. 

Before selecting your coach, identify your specific goals and challenges. A coach with expertise aligned to your objectives will be most effective. Consider factors such as specialisms (we have coaches that specialise in neurodiversity, for example), leadership development or personal growth.

Professional experience. 

Look for coaches with relevant professional experience. More Happi coaches go through a rigorous 5-step recruitment process to ensure that they not only have the skills, but a More Happi mindset too. You can also review coach testimonials and ratings for each coach when you book, helping you to ensure their effectiveness and experience in dealing with issues similar to yours.

Compatibility and chemistry. 

Building a strong rapport with your coach is crucial for a successful coaching relationship. With More Happi, you can meet with several coaches to find out whose style you like best. If a coaching session didn’t feel quite right, this doesn’t mean that coaching isn’t for you, it just means that coach probably wasn’t the one for you. So, try another one. 

Consider the approach you need your coach to take.

Coaches have individual styles. Some take a looser, more exploratory approach toward your session, giving you the space to explore and find your own way. Others take a more firm, challenging approach and may provide you with more structure, or they may push you more to get to the really good stuff and amazing goals. Some will use lots of tools, some won’t. Choose the coach whose style feels right – and don’t be afraid to try a new coach if you want a different style or approach.

How do I prepare for my coaching session?

Although there’s very little preparation to do before a coaching session, giving it some thought in advance will certainly help you get the most out of it.

Because coaching is action-orientated and all about moving you forward, start by thinking of an area of work or life that you’d like to improve, or where you’d like something to be different.

If you’re stuck, we recommend using our Goal Planner tool to help you identify how you’re feeling in different areas of your life. This will help you identify any priority areas where you’d like to focus your attention.

 Create your account to access this tool, plus many more. 

That’s what to talk about in my coaching session – what about the other stuff? 

Consider your environment. 

Where can you talk openly and honestly, with zero distractions or disturbances? Where will you feel most comfortable? Whether you want to take the call outside or on the sofa, as long as you have a strong internet connection you have the freedom to go wherever you please. 

Think about how you want your coach to be with you during the session.

Do you want to be challenged? Or perhaps you need a softer approach to the topic you want to discuss. Your coach is there to push you out of your comfort zone (it’s where the best stuff happens) but they can also ease you in gently if that’s what you need at the time.

Set clear intentions. 

What’s your desired outcome? Your coach will help you narrow it down if you’re not sure, but it can be helpful to have a few rough ideas of what you want to leave with at the end of the session. For example; I want to create a plan / make a decision / feel more confident, etc.

Have a pen and paper handy (or another note-taking method).

You wouldn’t leave a meeting or annual review without taking notes, and coaching is no different. While your coach will use frameworks and questioning to help you get more clarity, you’ll be the one doing most of the talking. It’s worth writing down your ideas and the actions you’re committing to so you get the most from your session. It will help you with your next session then too!

What’s expected of me during my coaching session?

Coaching is a two-way street and your relationship with your coach (like any successful partnership) needs to be a collaborative one for you to get the most out of it. Despite boasting a list of benefits longer than your arm, it’s still an investment of your time. It’s an investment in yourself too. So, if you’re going to do it, you’re going to want to squeeze every drop out of each 45-minute session. 

The More Happi coaching model differs from other platforms, serving as a career accelerator for our community of professional coaches. They work with us for the breadth of additional experience and feedback as part of their continued professional development and progress towards industry accreditations. They are volunteering their time, so please help them help you by:

Being honest. 

Coaching is like any worthwhile conversation. It works best when there’s a bit of back and forth. Coaches rely on feedback to know what’s working and what isn’t. If you want more or less of something, just ask (they’ll love it when you do). 

Being open to new ideas.

Feeling stuck, or spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast? This could be your sign to try something new. Be ready to dig deep and explore new perspectives. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Booking another session.

You wouldn’t hit the gym once and expect to run a marathon, so try to avoid putting too much pressure on the outcome of one session. There’s also a lot to be said for the progress you can make in the gaps between sessions too. Book another session (with the same coach or someone new) to carry on where you left off. 

PS – There’s a lot of learning to be gained from the things you didn’t end up doing, as much as the things you did. So don’t be put off if you didn’t do the things you set out to do.

Showing up.

We’re not just talking about attendance (although that is important too, it’s pretty obvious, right?!). We’re talking about allowing yourself to speak freely, saying what you feel and be yourself. All sessions are 100% confidential, giving you the freedom to be honest. The more open you can be, the bigger the impact the session with have on you and the topic you bring.

Ready to start your coaching journey with More Happi? Find out more and sign up here today.

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