Feeling stuck​​

Your limiting beliefs are holding you back.​​

Your limiting beliefs are holding you back.​​

Feeling stuck. A state where a strong desire to move forward meets an equally strong compulsion to stay fixed.

Many of us feel (or have felt) stuck in our lives. Acting on that change feels daunting, not changing anything is equally burdensome.

Friends and family might come in with suggestions:

“Why don’t you take a course?” “Why don’t you speak up?”

On paper, we agree with them. A course would give us new skills to progress in our career. Speaking up would alleviate a tricky relationship.

However, a force inside us blocks us from taking action, trumping all logical reasons.

That force is our limiting beliefs, caused by fears or past experiences.

“I want a fulfilling creative career, but it’s not realistic.” – might stem from – “My family doesn’t deem a creative career successful.”
“I want a promotion, but I don’t deserve one.” – might stem from – “I cannot outshine my partner.”
“I must avoid failure at all costs.” – might stem from – “My self-worth is based on my achievements.”

Getting unstuck requires identifying and dismantling our limiting beliefs, so we can freely take our first step to move forward.

Watch this powerful video on limiting beliefs by the School Of Life.

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