Growth mindset: why and how?

Do you have a growth mindset?

Research in brain science shows that our brains grow and develop constantly. In fact, a shift in mindset is scientifically proven to change our behaviour, helping us lead happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives.

But it’s more than just positive thinking or a ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ post on Instagram.

A growth mindset is seeing the opportunity to learn and develop in everything we do. Shifting to a growth mindset encourages us to see feedback as a gift and bounce back from failure.

We’re instantly more resilient, less stressed and better at our jobs.

A fixed mindset, on the other hand, puts a lid on learning, living the limiting belief that we’re born smart or sporty, and learning from our mistakes is a waste of time. Combine coaching with a growth mindset and watch the magic happen.

Read: 10 practical steps to develop a growth mindset in this article by Forbes.

Stuck in a fixed mindset? This article is for you. Executive Coach Svetlana Whitener shares 10 practical steps to help you shift gears and accelerate with a growth mindset. We love Svetlana’s advice to be curious, step outside of your comfort zone, and get comfortable with failure.

Watch: this short animation by Skillsoft and learn how to embrace a growth mindset.

In the words of legendary professional basketball player LeBron James, a growth mindset is as simple as, “The fact that you know that you can do better.”

We love the simplicity of this short video and the overriding message that skills and knowledge can be grown, and, like a plant, we just need a little nurturing. Homeschooling? Share this video with your kids and celebrate their progress with them.

Listen: to this podcast with psychologist Carol Dweck and discover the power of a growth mindset.

World-renowned professor, psychologist and author of the iconic book ‘Mindset – the New Psychology for Success’, Dr Carol Dweck, gives an interesting and insightful interview with leadership expert Ryan Hawk.

Carol covers the topic of growth vs fixed mindset, sharing how it helps everyone from leaders to athletes, people managers to parents and everyone in between.

Although she recommends taking the hard route for the highest growth, you don’t need to do it alone and asking for help is all part of the process.

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