There’s more than one side to every story.

There’s more than one side to every story.

What self-sabotaging story are you telling yourself right now?

If you find yourself working remotely or you’re alone with your thoughts, it’s easy to get into a self-inflicted spiral of cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions typically only tell us one side of the story and can negatively impact our relationships with others and ourselves.

Simply put, reframing is the conscious action of looking at a situation or story with a different perspective.

Commonly used in coaching and originating in therapy, reframing a situation can help us to get out of a negative perspective and into the perspective that will serve us and the situation we’re facing. The great thing about perspectives is although they feel very fixed and restrictive at the time, they’re only temporary and we have the power to change them.

Feeling frustrated? Shake it off, take a deep breath, and try a fresh perspective on for size. Which one will you choose? You’re in control.Watch this interview with Dr. Gabor Maté and Tim Ferris and learn how to reframe a challenging moment.

Witness the life-changing magic of reframing in this short video with renowned expert, speaker, and author Dr. Gabor Maté. Watch how Gabor asks Tim a series of powerful (and often uncomfortable) questions, resulting in an epic aha moment at the end of the interview. Try this technique next time you feel frustrated for empowering results.

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