Empathy in the workplace means:

61% of humans feel more INNOVATIVE

76% are more ENGAGED

57% are more likely to STAY

86% navigate successfully WORK/LIFE BALANCE

How can you bring empathy to your team? Asking “How are you?” sometimes is just not enough.Check in, ask questions, take cues.

Break the “I’m fine” barrier with these questions:

– What is something that made you happy today?
– If you could change one thing that happened today, what would it be?
– Is there anything I can do to help you now or at another time?
– What’s the highlight of your week so far?
– How are you taking care of yourself today?
– What problem do you wish you could solve right now?
– What helps you unlock your creativity?
– In what ways are you managing your work-life balance at the moment?

Read more about the impact of empathy in this article by PhD Sociologist Tracy Brower.

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